Easy DC Search for Windows 10


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Easy DC Search is a tool that helps to find files in the Direct Connect (DC) file sharing network. DC client applications, such as DC++, have limited search capabilities, they only search the hubs to which you are manually connected. With Easy DC Search you can search through all hubs in the hublist (well over a thousand hubs) to find files and hubs where they are shared. It is most useful for finding rare files, which cannot be found in majority of hubs. Features: * Fast multi-threaded search, up to 100 simultaneous connections * Supports XML.BZ2 format hublists * DC++ (and other DC client) integration. Connect to hubs by double-clicking on search results * Search by file type, filter by minimum and/or maximum file size, available free slots * Uses active mode for more search results * Auto-refresh hublist on application startup * Set custom hublist URL * Set your nickname, share size, UDP port range, search timeout * Search statistics and progress meter * Copy any values from search result table to clipboard * Sort search results by column, move columns * Does not contains any adware or spyware * Free updates and support